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Your Opinion: Treaty would sign away our defense

Your Opinion: Treaty would sign away our defense

February 27th, 2013 by Charles W. Schroeder, Westphalia in News

Dear Editor:

It is no secret that I am not a fan of President Obama, his administration or the people he associates with.

My distrust of him started a number of years ago before I knew who he was. On TV one evening I saw a group of people saluting our flag except for one man. He stood with his hands hung between his legs. I learned that man was a senator from Illinois. My thought, How can a person that will not honor our flag be a U.S. senator.

Now I ask myself every day how can a man that would not honor our flag as a senator and is anti-United States of America become president.

I have no confidence in this administration, little confidence in the Senate. They are a group of gutless wonders, their interest is in themselves, not our country. I am beginning to wonder about the House of Representatives.

We all knew if President Obama won re-election for a second term he would come after our guns and he has. Even though I have little confidence in this Senate, I still have faith in my fellow Americans that they put pressure on all senators to vote against the gun ban.

There is a bigger problem ahead in March. All member countries of the United Nations, which includes tyrants, dictators, leaders of enemy countries gather at the headquarters in New York to finalize details and unveil their gun ban treaty on March 28.

Last November President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton signed on to go forward with the International Arms Trade Treaty. If ratified President Obama would sign it in a heartbeat.

If Obama gets a chance to sign this treaty he is signing away our defense, our inalienable rights and we cease to exist as a sovereign nation.

Our only hope is our U.S. senators, only the Senate can ratify treaties. Our freedom once again is in the hands of our U.S. senators. I hope that their freedom, their constitution, their Bill of Rights, and their God-given rights are as important to them as they are to you and I.

I would like for my grandchildren to grow up and live in a free United States of America.