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Your Opinion: Divisive president needs to compromise

Your Opinion: Divisive president needs to compromise

February 26th, 2013 by Jerry Trippensee, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

After watching the State of the Union address I have come to the conclusion that the next four years will be a mirror image of the last four years. President Obama did not offer anything new in his approximate one-hour speech.

In that hour he hardly mentioned the $16-plus trillion debt that is facing the country. Most of the speech was taken up with ideas on how to spend more tax dollars and virtually none on how to cut spending to reduce the debt and deficit.

Soon Mr. Tax and Spend will be pushing to raise the debt ceiling but he should heed his own words from 2006 that "America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."

President Obama is great at giving speeches and can deliver them in such a way that makes it difficult, at the time, to disagree with him. But when you have time to analyze and really think about what he says, you realize that most of what he has proposed will not work or is just bad policy.

He continues to prove that he is not cut out to be president and may be the worst president since Carter. He is narcissistic and thin-skinned and does not take criticism well. There is no compromise in this president. It is his way or the highway. He is the most divisive president we have ever had and is not uniting America as he promised.

The best thing this president could do for the economic woes of the country is to focus on getting able-bodied Americans back to work. But instead, he has fired his Jobs Council which only met four times in two years. There are too many that would rather sponge off the government than be contributing members of society. The president and I both believe in social justice but I subscribe to Walter E. Williams' version which says: "You get to keep what you earn and I get to keep what I earn. If you don't agree, tell me how much I should give you and why."

The Campaigner in Chief needs to get out of campaign mode and get to work solving the problems that face America. He cannot be elected again unless, of course, he signs one of his famous executive orders to bypass the Constitution and the Congress.

Maybe he should take a lesson from the Pope and resign.