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Your Opinion: Gun bans will not prevent massacres

Your Opinion: Gun bans will not prevent massacres

February 18th, 2013 by Charles W. Schroeder, Westphalia in News

Dear Editor:

The administration and the anti-gun groups are picking a fight with those of us that are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in.

A federal ban on the most popular hunting and sport shooting guns in America is not an option nor is our Second Amendment right or our conceal and carry.

It is shameful that this administration and mainstream media has used the massacre in Sandy Hook to jump start their anti-gun movement. The media never reports on the thousands of times a murder, robbery or a rape was prevented due to the fact a person had a gun to protect themselves and loved ones.

Bans on certain rifles and magazines will not prevent another mass killing at another time, by another person or persons.

President Obama and many past and present in his administration and advisors are from Chicago. Chicago has always had very strict gun laws, yet it is one of the most corrupt and killing zones in America. One month (January), one city (Chicago) 152 shootings, 42 killings. Gun bans do not work. Enforce the law.

No one that I have talked to has objected to background checks. It is very hard to prevent situations and mass killings, because it is hard to detect in most cases a person with this mindset. It could be mental, it may be hate or an act of rage.

A little off point here but one thing that has concerned me. Young men and women age 18 enlist in our military service to be deployed to fight and die in all parts of the world yet they are not adults until age 21.

Our conceal-carry permits are for age 21 and older. Why is it legal to deploy an 18-year-old man or woman to war yet they are not legal age to get a conceal-carry? Every person that has served our country in the military and after a background check should be allowed a conceal-carry permit.

Regardless of future gun laws or action taken to prevent future massacres the families of the six adults and 20 children in Sandy Hook will have pain in their hearts. I pray for them, wish them well, remind them to tell themselves everyday "Life must go on."

I need not ask you to contact our senators and representatives. Do not vote to destroy our freedom, our Constitution, our rights.