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Your Opinion: Toll of illegal immigration

Your Opinion: Toll of illegal immigration

February 1st, 2013 by Steven Brown, Holts Summit in News

Dear Editor

We have been sold out. What is it about illegal our politicians don't understand? Or maybe they do and just don't care. By giving citizenship to 11 million uneducated, lower-income people here illegally, we are doing nothing more than creating 11 million Democratic voters that are dependent on the government.

The country has been worn down by the continuing flood from the south. What was a call to arms to protect our border is now a welcome aboard. With word out now of this new offer from Uncle Sugar, wonder how many are streaming across as I type. They may be coming with good intentions, some with diseases, others to rob and steal. We really don't know, do we?

Republicans are so desperate to stay in power that they will abandon their principles (what little they have) and go along to get along on this bad idea. These 11 million illegals will magically be eligible for benefits that should only be given to American citizens. Because of the low-paying jobs most illegals obtain, the so-called benefit in taxes is a myth. The true middle class will get hammered with added costs in order to support this new large government dependent group.

Then there is the question of are you here to be assimilated into American culture and society or here just for the free stuff and the bucks? I see this as further division of the country, which Obama seems to be an expert at by dividing and conquering with class warfare. This was a bad idea when Reagan did it, it's a bad idea now.

When the final bill is passed, and it will get passed, we'll see what we are going to be subjected to. As I have said, you get the government you deserve.