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Your Opinion: Time to outlaw sobriety checkpoints

Your Opinion: Time to outlaw sobriety checkpoints

August 18th, 2013 by Ben Lupardus, Ulman in News

Dear Editor:

Time to outlaw checkpoints. After being unlucky enough to go through three of these time wasting, and harassing so-called sobriety checkpoints this summer, get ready for another round. The "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" ruse has been announced. Here's how they work.

Some law enforcement departments will set up road signs saying road work ahead. Pop over the hill and not only is there no road work, but big flashing signs with the words Sobriety Checkpoint. You think to yourself, no problem since I'm not driving drunk. I'll be through here in no time at all. Wrong.

It turns out to be a driver's license, insurance card, seat belt, burned out headlight, etc. checkpoint. You will notice 30-50 heavily armed officers standing on the roadway forcing you to stop. Even though you have done nothing wrong. The first words you will hear as you have a large flashlight pointed in your face is, I want to see your driver's license and insurance card. Amazing.

Apparently he can determine if you are driving drunk by looking at these two documents. Even though you are not stopped for any infraction of the law you will be asked all kinds of questions that have no relevance at all. But you lose because they have the gun. Of course, they claim these dubious tactics lower the number of drunk drivers. Maybe, maybe not. That can't be proven either way. But that's not the point.

Stopping people for no reason is. That's why some states have outlawed these checkpoints. It's time our lawmakers do the same. After all, if we could save even one life by doing so, isn't it worth it?