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Your Opinion: Background checks for gun purchases

Your Opinion: Background checks for gun purchases

April 30th, 2013 by Don Butzlaff, New Bloomfield in News

Dear Editor:

Does any citizen or politician have any memory at all? We had background checks for gun purchases 20 years ago. When I bought my gun I had to take the serial number to the sheriff's department and wait three days for background checks to be performed before purchasing. Did this procedure stop any criminal from having a gun. No.

Criminals do not have background checks and certainly don't want their name on a list for government.

Our country won its freedom by citizens owning guns and as history shows we have those who own guns and those who don't. We have those who fight for freedom and those who don't. AKA our politicians.

So all the drum beating by our politicians are simply a feel good moment and will do absolutely nothing to prevent criminal activity.

Also, when are our politicians going to stop being brain dead? A UN treaty that makes our country adhere to the dictates of other countries is not a good thing. When has the UN ever had the interests of the US at heart? Other countries love to tie our hands and keep on doing what they have always done even though they signed a treaty.

This is simply a sidestep by President Obama's administration to implement gun control over our country.