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Your Opinion: Vandals urged to abandon pathetic actions

Your Opinion: Vandals urged to abandon pathetic actions

April 9th, 2013 by Tim Taylor, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Within the last couple of weeks, two acts of vandalism at Helias High School prove (to quote Forrest Gump) "stupid is as stupid does." I would like to address the vandal(s) responsible for these acts and I will try to use small words so they can follow along.

Hey vandal(s) your actions are pathetic. You decided to vandalize something that is not only religious in nature, but a memorial to individuals that truly accomplished positive things in their lives.

I believe I met Mr. Vanderfeltz on just one occasion, but here is why he and his wife are so much more than you. Unlike you, they built something; they contributed in a positive manner during their life; and they acted in a manner their family can take pride in. What have you accomplished?

Well, you "accomplished" acting like a coward by coming in the dark of night to vandalize. What you did was not cute, it was not brave, it was not funny - it was simply pathetic. Oh good news vandal(s), I did think of something else you "accomplished" - you have accomplished setting yourself up to face serious criminal charges. Hey vandal(s) let me give you something else to think about (try thinking, it's always good to try new things). There are people who know what you did and know who you are. You will be caught and the damage you caused will be fixed and in the long run, you are going to be the only real loser in this whole pathetic situation. Your actions are pathetic, but you don't have to be pathetic.

You can become a better person - stop what you are doing and summon the courage to step forward and accept the consequences of your actions. At the very least stop these acts. You can receive forgiveness, but you have to want it. Become the type of person that one day someone can say about you - that you built something, you contributed in your life and you acted in a manner that your family could take pride in.

It's not too late.