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Your Opinion: Corrections on traditions of Catholicism

Your Opinion: Corrections on traditions of Catholicism

April 7th, 2013 by Elaine Thompson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Oh please, Ms. Lineberry, get your information correct. You seem to get your knowledge about the Catholic Church from the pagan inspiration you quoted.

Let's start with the clothing of the pope and cardinals. The reason they wear the red cassock is because it is traditional clothing of a past era and the red color is because our early, and present, priests were slaughtered, martyred, and the red clothing and shoes would hide the blood. As far as the miter, the hat, it is not from the pagan god dagon but the two parts signify the old and new testaments, open at the top to signify the openness to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

When you refer to the riches "ad nausea' of the pope, bishops, priests I would be willing to bet you have been paid more per year than any of these. The pope emeritus now has a retirement of right at $29,000 a year and priests, maybe half of this amount and I'm sure you are making more. Where is your humility?

The ring kissing, bowing, and kneeling is to the office of Peter, and the authority Jesus Christ handed on to him, not to the individual.

Is it not interesting that one who professes to be Catholic knows so little about their own Church and so much about pagan gods and other faiths?

Oh, by the way, all of the problems that Martin Luther cited as needing reform in the Church have been rectified and no longer exist. Get out your Catholic history books, Catechism, and Early Church Fathers and study, you need it.

Please, be informed of the truth about the Church you profess before you propagate falsehoods.