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Your Opinion: Protect our freedoms

Your Opinion: Protect our freedoms

October 31st, 2012 by Charles W. Schroeder, Westphalia in News

Dear Editor:

President Obama is revealing himself.

He won the peace prize on his hope and change campaign speeches. He had done nothing before becoming president and he has done nothing as president.

Countries are fighting all over the world. Most have no respect nor love for our country anymore. Why should they? As a U.S. senator, Obama would not honor our flag.

He and his administration ran guns to drug cartels in Mexico in Fast and Furious. President Obama mandated that border states not enforce immigration laws.

It is a fact that Obama and Eric Holder are anti-business and anti-gun and for authoritarian government.

President Obama once stated having a civilian force equal to our military. What plans does he have with that fire power?

President Obama and Eric Holder will do everything they can to destroy our Second Amendment. As senator, Obama served on the board of directors of Anti Gun Joyce Foundation 1994-2002. He supported the ban on the manufacture, sale or possession of all hand guns. Obama voted to prosecute victims who use guns for self defense in their own homes. Gun owners take note, freedom first.

Four more years of this administration and our freedom is gone. We will spend the rest of our lives mourning the freedom we lost.

The American dream of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness will only be a memory.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. Their principles, ideas and laws allowed the United States to become the greatest country on earth. It became a beacon of hope for people around the world for over two centuries. Now the people of the world either hate us or do not trust us.

This election is not Obama vs Romney or Democrats vs Republicans. It is about remaining a free democratic republic, for the people, by the people or becoming a government controlled state.

Call it socialistic, communist or Marxist. Four more years of this administration and President Obama will reveal who he is, his true ideas, his true governing platform.

President Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

If you love your freedom, if you love this country, vote on Nov. 6. You have a choice, you have a vote.

Protect our freedom and our rights. Your vote will determine our future for years to come.