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Your Opinion: Stop blaming Obama

Your Opinion: Stop blaming Obama

October 26th, 2012 by Dorothy Brasel, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

George Bush started all this mess. He had eight years to mess this up and everyone thinks Obama should clean it up in four years. Bush inherited a surplus budget and look what he did to it. He started two wars and they call them Obama's wars. The Republicans in Washington said Obama didn't keep his promises.

A day or two after Obama was sworn into office, Mitch McConnell and his cronies went on the Capitol steps and said "this president will never get a bill passed" That is the only promise they ever kept.

Romney came into the camera and lied like crazy. Paul Ryan is a disaster waiting to happen Don't believe them about taking care of our Social Security and Medicare. If these rich people would pay their share of taxes we wouldn't be in this mess.

No president should be allowed to have money in offshore banks and not pay taxes on the money. Romney's remark about the 47 percent is what he really thinks about us. He only cares about the rich. He needs to show more tax returns too, especially at Bain when he cheated his workers out of their money. There is something shady in there and possibly illegal.

They call our Social Security and Medicare entitlements but it is our money. We paid into this. The biggest entitlement in D.C. is their inflated salaries and their health coverage.

The reason our Social Security and Medicare is in this shape is because they have raided these accounts for decades. They said they were borrowing it, then said it was in bonds. They need to pay this back. If we took their money we would be in jail for stealing or embezzlement.

My generation worked hard for our money. That's why they live the good life.