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Your Opinion: Revealing first debate

Your Opinion: Revealing first debate

October 26th, 2012 by Mark Bruenger, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

The real Obama was at the first presidential debate displaying his monumental ignorance, cluelessness, and laziness. Consequently, the next day Obama needed to lie about the real Romney not being at the debate in an attempt to distract voters about the real Obama. Obama's regime has produced decline for all aspects of American life and culture and that was his goal for America.

Mainstream, or really lamestream, media has covered for Obama's incompetence and alien viewpoint of America years before Obama was elected president plus his time in the Oval Office. Obama's myth of intellectual prowess was destroyed during the debate as he hoisted himself on his own petard. Obama cannot tolerate any viewpoint but his own. While Obama was in office people with differing viewpoints were ignored or dismissed so Obama's oversized, yet fragile, ego was protected from reality.

The real Romney was at the first presidential debate displaying intelligence, competence, dignity, alertness, truthfulness, and an unwavering interest in American prosperity. Obama expected his mere presence to win the debate except Romney delivered a very large dose of truth and reality. Romney possesses integrity, sense of duty, and a real sense of caring for Americans being destroyed by the Obama regime of big government replacing free enterprise. Romney brought rational thought and capitalism to the debate battle and wiped out the hateful, indifferent, and boorish socialist big government Obama.

Lies roll off Obama's tongue like waves at a surf theme water park. Video that took five years to surface shows Obama claiming a funding exemption for Katrina cleanup was never passed. However, the exemption was passed although Obama voted against the exemption. He treated the mainly black audience with extreme disrespect using a lie within a lie to generate race hatred and class warfare for political gain.

Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted people to be judged by their content of character not their skin color. Obama's character and soul are full of a blackness representing something akin to evil. I recommend every voter judge Obama by his character and not his rather light brown skin color.

Voting based of skin color is bigotry of high order no matter white to white or black to black.