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Your Opinion: Takeover of energy industry?

Your Opinion: Takeover of energy industry?

November 28th, 2012 by Harold H. Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

Is the recent award by DOE of the SMR grant to TVA in Tennessee just another baby step in the government's pursuit to take over another segment of private industry?

As a former nuclear power contractor, I was fortunate enough to be employed for years in the privately funded nuclear industry as well as TVA.

Thirty years ago, TVA was bogged down in trying to finish building a nuclear plant. This was the Watts Bar plant near Dayton, Tenn., which could not be completed by TVA employees for 20 years and family's second generation were being employed just to complete construction.

It was a essentially a retirement project until they finally fired most of the TVA workers and hired Raytheon, a private contractor to finish it which was done in about three years.

I'm sure this won't happen with this project since Bechtel is involved, as they have been a leader in nuclear plant construction for years and I'm sure it will be done, but at what price.

At the same time, being in cahoots with TVA, I would bet the cost will probably be much higher than if it was being built by a private utility.

Of course that is just a part of Obama's plan to nationalize as much private industry as possible. Since essentially nationalizing our medical insurance industry, the electrical energy industry should be a piece of cake.

By doing this he can see the growth of government employees (Obama voters) growing just like the dependent class.

An example of what TVA, a government corporation like the post office, is doing to attract employees is a 32 percent increase in bonuses this year to an average of $12,000 just announced on Nov. 16. (

I wonder how much the cost will be for this plant for TVA vs. one being built in Callaway County by AmerenUE in Callaway County?

Sen. Claire McCaskill says she's "deeply disappointed." I wonder if maybe even she is now wondering whether she should have supported Obama 98 percent of the time in his first term. Hmmmmm?

I know you're probably thinking I'm just another disgruntled Romney voter and you're right, but I intend to keep trying to educate the folks about the true goals of this most fascist leaning president.