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Your Opinion: We must become defenders of life

Your Opinion: We must become defenders of life

November 8th, 2012 by Mary Schmid, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

We need to all become defenders of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our happiness only lies in living God's will, which involves having a good solid foundation of life-giving values and morals.

We study history and therefore should be learning from past evils/mistakes. We can't do anything about the past however we can make changes that won't lead us down very similar paths.

For example the Nazi regime is like today's abortion providers, pro-choice believers, and anyone who thinks contraceptives and abortion are great options for not wanting to be responsible for results incurred from coitus (the act intended for married husband and wife.)

Obama (and his regime - McCaskill, Biden, and others go along with his beliefs) forced contraceptive coverage, beliefs and decisions allowing: the killing of babies who survive abortion, gendercide , and partial birth abortion, providing, socialistic healthcare, taking away religious freedom and our conscience.

We need to reverse the evils in society. Value all life, oust infanticide. Value males and females, oust gendercide. Use and oust invetrofertilization which destroys many babies/embryo and misuses them. Choose adoption over abortion. (1 percent of abortions are due to rape.) Accept traditional marriage and oust unnatural marriage/ lifestyles.

Learn about the facts and benefits of the cost-free, effective, hormonal-free, easy to learn natural family planing methods and oust Plan Parenthood and other abortion mills providers/deceivers /non-mammogram providers/killers of life.

Breaking nature's ways eventually lead to problems. Fifty percent of etopic pregnancies are due to STD/PID. Birth control, IUDs and tubal sterilization are also linked to them. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are linked to infertility.

The estrogen contraceptives (treatment for a non-diseased condition called fertility) is slipping into some waters thus causing infertile fish and is likely due to premature puberty in girls. Boy fetuses are being exposed to it in early utero. Over time birth control can become ineffective (EWTN/ 88.1FM).

Carl Djerssi, the inventor of "the pill," admits that he's partly to blame for Europe's demographic catastrophe. Hundreds of countries are facing this problem. Russia and Singapore want to increase their populations.

We need to get to the root of problems. For example there are girls who plan to get pregnant and say, "I'll just live with my mom and or parents and live off welfare."

The majority of my information comes from these sites: www.drjanetesmith (sexual common sense,...), and minded.