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Your Opinion: Response to Kesel on Senate candidates

Your Opinion: Response to Kesel on Senate candidates

November 3rd, 2012 by Linda Wenzlick, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

The following is a response to Mr. Kesel's letter to the editor of Oct. 27. Sir, I too take my faith seriously, and because I do, I believe that we are called to be our brother's keeper. Whom we send to represent Missouri in the Senate is a serious decision. That's why I don't support Mr. Akin.

Some may back him because of his "pro-life" position. I believe proposed cuts in the current GOP budget will do more to contribute to rising abortion numbers than anything else the GOP is selling. It's well documented that abortions decrease when jobs are more available and the economy is thriving. Then struggling families are more likely to take a positive view of an unexpected pregnancy and carry the baby to term.

Akin does not support any programs that help struggling families, and deems them "socialism." To me decency and care for our fellow man is at the heart of this matter. No one wants abortion. Folks are moving heaven and earth to stop it but where are all these concerned citizens one year, two years, or three years later when these families are cash strapped and barely making it? Babies grow up to be children, children need love and care and support.

What do these families do when they can't afford day care or the jobs they get are at night when few babysitting options are available? How do they afford babysitting on minimum wage? Where are all these concerned citizens then? And if we raise that minimum wage that would be so anti-business! Akin and his ilk don't want women to have abortions but they don't want these families to have any financial support either.

There should be no help with copays on birth control to prevent the pregnancies in the first place and no help after those babies get here! There are just too many on food stamps and Medicaid! That's socialism!

These are the 47 percent slugs, drains on our precious tax dollars, those do-nothing folks that just use us, that are irresponsible. They barely deserve to breathe! If they had used their "aspirins" they wouldn't be in this mess in the first place, right? How selfish and cruel!

Mr. Kesel you are correct when you recommend we carefully consider our vote for senator and Akin does not deserve that vote!