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Your Opinion: Consider third party candidates

Your Opinion: Consider third party candidates

November 3rd, 2012 by Landon Bernskoetter, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Election time draws ever closer and Americans are looking for somebody who will restore America to what it used to be. Most people by now realize that Obama is anti-free market and is extremely bad for the future of our nation, and indeed the world. The welfare state is growing so huge the leeches are quickly starting to outnumber the producers.

Many people feel that Mitt Romney is the answer to all our woes, but that is simply not the case. Romney instituted universal health care in Massachusetts and is on record saying he wants government sponsored health care reform. Additionally he passed an assault weapons ban and is against medical marijuana.

The fact is most Romney supporters have no idea how closely aligned he and Barack Obama are and are in a fog of obscurity about who he really is. The simple fact is that both major parties are almost the same. People talk of Obama's many failures but neglect to mention that the previous president, a Republican, was one of the worst spenders in history. Bush supported bank and auto industry bailouts, along with Obama and Romney.

Last time I checked when you go out of business the government isn't supposed to bail you out. What we need is smaller government and common sense governing, starting with legalizing marijuana. A "victimless" crime is no crime at all. Putting people in cages for smoking a joint is insanity. Remember prohibition?

The gangsters were kept in business because it was illegal, much like the cartels get 70 percent of their profit from marijuana sales. I encourage everyone to look at third party presidential candidates so we can restore free markets and free minds to our beloved constitutional republic!