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Your Opinion: Response to Kesel on Catholics' role

Your Opinion: Response to Kesel on Catholics' role

November 2nd, 2012 by Rose Lineberry, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

This is in response to letters from Sylvester Kesel, "The duty of Catholic Voters" and "Catholics and Candidates." Mr. Kesel your seeming attitude of moral and religious superiority is offensive and borders on arrogance and hubris.

Please allow me to offer another perspective from the (Catholic) Voice of the Faithful.

"In response to organized efforts of the U.S. bishops to define a single permissible "Catholic' position on election issues this year, Voice of the Faithful issues the following statement: All Catholics have a primary responsibility to act according to their consciences. Not the conscience of a bishop. Not the conscience of a parish priest. Not the conscience of neighbors or family members or employers or friends, your own conscience."

It should be remembered that VOTF was organized in 2002 by the faithful solely to hold church officials accountable during the year that the worldwide "soul murder" and sexual abuse and the systematic cover up was mind boggling.

Perverts were quietly passed on like sacrament wine to unsuspecting parishes, thus facilitating pedophilia, a crime that cries to heaven.

In response to Cardinal Bernard Law's resignation, the Vatican brought him to Rome to head St. Mary Major. While there, Law presided at papal ceremonies including the worldwide televised funeral of John Paul II, much more luxurious than a prison cell in Massassachuttes, and a slap in the face to those victimized by Law's actions.

It defies logic that in institution so lacking in conscience regarding the souls and "religious freedom: of the young (choosing instead to protect its own interests) now has the audacity to instruct voters how to avoid "grave" sin in an election.

Where was all this moral outrage hiding? Which is/was the greater sin.

In an interview with Raymond Arroyo of EWTN television, Romney stated that he will "continue to meet with Cardinal Dolan" on issues of religious freedom. Since Dolan answers to the Vatican, it has been suggested that it might be more efficient to eliminate the middle man, Dolan.

Additionally, in his campaign for the presidency, former Sen. Rick Santorum said that JFK's statement on separation of church and state made him "want to throw up."