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Your Opinion: Actions needed to curb regulatory mania

Your Opinion: Actions needed to curb regulatory mania

November 2nd, 2012 by Chester Surface, Holts Summit in News

Dear Editor:

I believe that this election will be the most important of my lifetime. We have to try our best to elect representatives at all levels who understand they are our employees and do not believe in more government intrusion in our lives.

Some laws and regulations are beneficial and necessary. But we now have numerous agencies under the executive branch of government, for instance the Environmental Protection Agency that is being allowed to regulate everything from storm water runoff to toilet bowl size and light bulb wattage and design under no authority other than their own with no provision for checks and balances.

The Internal Revenue Service is another agency with enormous power over all of us regarding the federal income tax regulations that are tens of thousands of pages long. Only the largest corporations and the wealthiest individuals can afford to hire the tax attorneys and certified public accountants to look for and take advantage of the many loopholes and deductions that are allowed under a complicated and outdated tax code. Not saying it isn't legal or ethical just that I don't understand why there isn't a huge effort underway by the government to throw out the current tax code and go to a flat tax so everyone pays their fair share.

Now the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is unleashing a barrage of rule making that will cripple one of the few industries left that hasn't been totally devastated by the federal bureaucracy. They now are proposing a five-year plan that will regulate the entire transportation life cycle, which includes shippers, manufacturers, brokers and freight forwarders all in the name of public safety.

Everyone who has run for political office in the past two decades has promised to reel in the federal bureaucracy and everyone of them has failed to deliver on the promise. Instead we get larger agencies with more power over all of our lives.

I believe any presidential candidate who actually has a plan and the political courage to implement a plan to turn back this regulatory mania should and will win the votes and support of the business community small and large.

I don't believe any politician at any level who believes in more government regulation and authority over our freedom and rights as defined in the Constitution is deserving of our vote.