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Your Opinion: Don't vilify homosexuals

Your Opinion: Don't vilify homosexuals

May 23rd, 2012 by Nelson Otto, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I am beginning to see a trend, it started with the word gay being turned into a catch all word for everything bad, stupid, ugly or unlikable.

It quickly expanded into pedophilia, murder, genocide, bestiality and worse. Which explains the letter that I saw where there were only two evil things listed that would cause the down fall of this country, abortionist and homosexuals.

I am pro-life to the core; there is nothing on this earth that will change that view. As far as either homosexuals or abortionist being the downfall of this country I have to say "really?"

I realize that people need scapegoats to blame their woes on but please let's get real here. Homosexuals don't convert, raise or make children gay. You might be surprised to learn that there are homosexuals that read the Bible, are Christian, worship God, are conservative, honor their fathers and mothers, are monogamous, are celibate, and patriotic to this country to the point they will die for it even when not allowed to serve openly.

There are homosexuals who value marriage far more then straight people and are willing to fight to be given the privilege that straight people, more and more each year, are rejecting in favor of living together.

In another letter there was the comment "be fruitful and multiply." First that is not a command, it was and is a blessing from God. Despite the belief that homosexuals can't have children, there are homosexual couples that go into debt, have to take mental and medical tests to prove they are worthy to have a child that is biologically their own and there are many homosexual couples out there who would be happy, honored and grateful to love those children that straight people are aborting.

There are a whole host of problems with this country, almost all of them have nothing to do with homosexuals or abortionists.