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Your Opinion: Battle pits tolerance versus principle

Your Opinion: Battle pits tolerance versus principle

March 22nd, 2012 by Don Fleener, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Tolerance verses principle is the great battle of America today. We as Americans are asked to tolerate many different things but where does tolerance cross the line and become servitude to ideals and principles that you do not believe in.

Everyone should have a core set of beliefs without the government telling you what they are. By mandating that you tolerate the government taking your pay to fund things that you believe to be wrong should be fought against with your vote at the ballot box.

Should the "we just get along" attitude eliminate what we think is right or wrong. I do not think so. Our history is not about tolerating and compromising on what we believed to be right or wrong.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence were not about tolerance. They believed that the King of England stood against their principles and they fought a revolution to create the United States. They were willing to place their lives and fortunes on the line for what they thought was right and wrong.

Abraham Lincoln fought the Civil War on the principle slavery was wrong. If he would have been a tolerant man he would have found a solution that would have followed slavery to continue just to get along. Our country is a better country because he took that stand and it cost him his life.

Today we are asked to tolerate bail outs of business that had bad methods of doing business. Mandated health care where doctors and patients don't control treatment. High gas prices to fund a green economy that is not technical or financially feasible at this time. Government borrowing money at record levels and spending at the level and more.

We need as Americans to educate ourselves on the issues, define what we believe in, and stop being tolerant of bad government. Compromising one's principles usually offers no satisfaction to either person.

What do you believe in?