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Your Opinion: Rebuttal to the idea of misogynist God

Your Opinion: Rebuttal to the idea of misogynist God

March 15th, 2012 by Thelma Williams, Versailles in News

Dear Editor:

How did we peons manage to survive life's vicissitudes before Mr. Boldt started sharing the magnitude of his genius? The dear people who loved each other in marriage, welcomed children as precious gifts from a loving God must feel foolish now, or do they?

Most of my friends who have seen their children grow into decent productive people, having their own children and grandchildren are among the happiest people I know. In contrast to that some of the saddest are those who destroyed their babies in the womb, whether legally or illegally. I've listened to their regrets and it isn't pretty.

I wonder what "tribe" Boldt descends from that he has such twisted notions of what the relationship of male to female is. I'm sorry anyone would think God is misogynistic. I had a loving father and loving husband. I have six loving sons, 10 loving grandsons and two great grandsons. In addition I have wonderful daughters-in-law and granddaughters. The blessing they are convinces me that far from God being misogynistic by giving me children, He has shown He loves me dearly.

I have no desire to force children on anyone who doesn't want them, nor do I want to tell anyone to use or not use contraception. That's their decision.

It's also the Catholic church's right not to pay for contraception, abortion and sterilization against their beliefs. Our society is paying a dear price now for thumbing our nose at God and abandoning basic principles which strengthen families. If the Catholic church can be forced to go against its long-held standards, then other denominations can be forced to do the same. Maybe Protestants will be asked to furnish liquor and gambling if a psychologist recommends it as medically necessary for mental health.

The last people who should be accused of not caring about women's health are those who found and operate religious hospitals. I hope the Catholic church holds fast in defense of their colleges and hospitals and if other denominations are attacked I hope they so the same.