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Your Opinion: When will culture destruction stop?

Your Opinion: When will culture destruction stop?

March 7th, 2012 by Harold Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

When will the Obama culture destruction stop?

I guess the leftist women now have added to their agenda of wanting us the taxpayers to pay for their abortions also by now expecting the taxpayers to pay for their contraceptives. This is a win-win situation for promiscuity.

I wonder when our society will again realize that men actually should take some responsibility for something. Granted, by men being responsible for contraception makes the women have to make sure he's trustworthy (sponge-worthy, to quote Elaine Bennis). Oh my, that means she may have to think twice about whom it is she is having sex with! I look at it this way. If women were like bankers, before they would give out any money, they would have to have proven the borrower would be responsible for payment regardless of future problems. Of course, by our culture and the Democrat ideology, that's unfair.

I wonder if the economy has created a problem for the abortion industry. Now with the gas and medical costs going out of sight, maybe private industry isn't the only victim of Obama's "rebounding economy." I betcha that's why he had to come to the aid of Ms. Fluke.

The contraception industry will be the next business to move to China. Maybe that's what the leftist women and Obama should do to help keep the abortion business thriving. Would you trust contraceptives made in China?

Go Rush! Right on, Right on!