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Your Opinion: Remembering our military veterans

Your Opinion: Remembering our military veterans

June 8th, 2012 by Charles W. Schroeder, Westphalia in News

Dear Editor:

On May 29 we attended a VFW memorial service and could not help but notice that a number of familiar faces were no longer with us.

On Monday visiting the cemeteries there were a few more US flags and military markers to grace this earth, to honor and remember those that served our great country.

Memorial Day, after 50 years, has finally given our Vietnam veterans the honor and respect they so deserve; over 50,000 names on the Wall of military personnel that fought and died for this country they loved - "the land of the free." Vietnam recognition was long overdue.

Also remember our POWs, our MIAs and do not forget to say thank you for serving our country to neighbors, friends, fellow employees, employers, relatives, etc. who have served our country with dedication and honor.

Thousands upon thousands have fought and died fighting for our country to protect our Constitution, our rights, our freedom.

I read May 29 a statement by a Vietnam veteran that is so fitting - "To really live, you must almost die," followed by another statement "To those who fight for it, life and freedom have a meaning that the protected may never know."

If some activist, radical, so called do-gooders, protesters read this, I hope they remember the words.

I watched the Vietnam Memorial on television and watched our president, our commander-in-chief, give his speech. No emotion, no contact, no attachment to those 58,282 veterans that gave their lives, fighting for this country and what it stands for.

I guess I should not expect too much from a president that has no respect for our Constitution or Bill of Rights.

As a senator and candidate he and his wife were not proud of America, nor proud to be Americans.

He has learned one thing, placing his hand over his heart in salute to our US flag, "Old Glory."

He used to stand with his hands hung between his legs when everyone else had their hands over their hearts or was saluting the flag of the United States of America.

If you see a veteran this week say thanks for serving, welcome home.