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Your Opinion: Government programs help all of us

Your Opinion: Government programs help all of us

July 13th, 2012 by Dale Reichel, California in News

Dear Editor:

This November could be our most important election in 80 years.

I hear so many complaining about big government. This country has always had a government, maybe not and probably not by and for the people though. Big corporations (big business) and special interest groups have usually ruled the day.

We have all benefited from government programs. Without government our infrastructure, educational systems, military, our standard of living would not be what it is today.

Now the last few years we seem to be going backwards. Many say too much spending to many regulations. I largely disagree.

I believe this recession, depression, or whatever you choose to call it was engineered. We have an ideology going around to limit government and all its programs. What better way to do that than get everyone and states into debt.

Our last president and many in Congress not only spent a lot but cut taxes too and started two unneeded wars which have damaged our economy. Now states and citizens are in trouble.

One of our main political parties wants to cut and keep cutting government programs. They say we can't afford these anymore. Government is the problem. They want to end programs for the poor, defund Social Security - they call it privatization - end Medicare, stop collective bargaining, end minimum wage, end environmental programs to name a few.

So this November you must decide what you want - government programs that have benefited all or end what we have worked so hard for so many decades.

Yes, taxes must be raised and some spending cut. Military is spending $700 billion this year I believe probably more. This must be cut. Our military I read uses 25 percent of our energy, one quarter. Big business I have heard and read is sitting on two trillion or more in cash.

I believe we must all chip in. Don't let some in government balance the budget with grandma and grandpa's Social Security and Medicare. They are good programs, maybe need some fine tuning, but they work.

Some in our Congress refuse to work with our president. He is not a failed president. His policies have worked as well as possible taking into account the extremist opposition.

You have to decide what you want from your government this November, keep programs or give them up. That's the choice I see ahead.

Get informed, read, and listen to various news, not just Fox news. They don't have a spin, they have an ideology.

And please vote.