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Your Opinion: Response to Boldt on atheism, God

Your Opinion: Response to Boldt on atheism, God

January 21st, 2012 by Joy Kiesling, Russellville in News

Dear Editor:

First, congrats to Steve Sampson, you've already said most of what I intended to write in response to Mr. Boldt's letter of Jan. 5 and I agree with you completely.

I actually chuckled over my morning coffee when I read Boldt's paragraph in which he thanked God for finally seeing atheist perspectives receiving more attention. Was that a slip of the tongue or perhaps something deep down inside of him that tells him: Yes there is a God?

Mr. Boldt, if Hitchens remained an atheist as you say, then, I must say I believe he now knows there is an afterlife and a Hell. Now I'm not judging him because in his final moments only he and God know what took place.

Childish Christian fiction? (your words Mr. Boldt) I'm tired of so-called scientists who have to recant something they have believed for years every time you turn around. Making evolution and the so-called Big Band sound like a proven thing when in fact it is a theory, nothing more.

For me to believe that I am nothing more than an accident in time and evolve from some jelly creature in water (water, where did that come from) is a real leap of faith, though I hate using that word in this topic.

As far as no one coming back from death of course that's wrong.

As you can tell I am a Christian and, no, I don't fear death as you indicated most of us do. Jesus took care of that.

All you have to do is look around this beautiful well-planned world, our human bodies so wonderfully made and the difference God can make in a life and you can see God is real. He is here, there, and everywhere. I know according to you, Mr. Boldt, that is simply our childish way of thinking.

As Mr. Sampson says, what if you are wrong? Quite a gamble considering the consequences.

Write a letter Mr. Boldt and try to convince me that the Big Bang makes sense. Give it your best shot, because no matter how much you disbelieve in God there had to be (something) to cause that moment. Where did it come from? Me? I think it is much simpler to believe in creation and what the Bible tells us about Eden.

I hope and, yes, pray that you will reconsider things, it not I will continue to be entertained by your letters.

God bless.