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Your Opinion: Response on atheism, faith

Your Opinion: Response on atheism, faith

January 12th, 2012 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Bob Boldt's letter of Jan. 5 talks about Christopher Hitchens and his death. He said, "Hitchens (depending on your metaphysics): Went to the judgment of an angry God or; Began final physical disillusion into dust to which all higher life forms are heir."

I would agree that his physical body will return to dust from whence it came, but the KJV Bible instructs us that his soul and spirit immediately went to either heaven or hell.

If he had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personnel Savior, as the KJV Bible teaches, then he went to be with his Savior Jesus Christ in heaven. If not, he made a non-stop trip to hell where all those that have not or do not accept Christ, go.

Reading about Hitchens life, one can find no evidence that he ever accepted Christ as his personnel Savior. The Bible teaches that "by their fruits you shall know them."

What in the world does Boldt mean when he says, "Thank God we are finally seeing atheist perspectives receiving the sort of popular attention and acceptance they long deserve." He goes on to list Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins as "persuasive, articulate and unassailable logic thinkers."

These all believe there is "no" God, so how in the world can they be called "logic thinkers?" By the way Boldt, don't thank God when seemingly you don't believe there is one! The KJV Bible says, "The fool has said in his heart there is no God."

If Hitchens could return for just a few seconds he would assure us that there is a hell and we should do everything we could to avoid that place. I have a question for Boldt. If Hitchens is correct and there is nothing after death, except returning to dust, what have I lost by believing and living the Christian life? My answer is nothing.

But what if I am right and there is life after death and one must have accepted Jesus Christ as their personnel Savior to enter heaven, what has Hitchens lost? My answer is everything. Are you willing to gamble your possible eternity on it?

An individual has to have more faith to believe in godless evolution than I have to have to believe that God created the earth in six days as the KJV Bible teaches.