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Your Opinion: Stop power grab by Chamber

Your Opinion: Stop power grab by Chamber

February 3rd, 2012 by Tim Stallman, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Socialism for the rich. That's where the transformation sales tax will take us.

A $60 yearly cost inflicted on every family, Yup, you read correctly, $60 bucks per family, every year, for 10 years.

Every time you buy a $20,000 car you will pay an extra $100 to a fund that the Chamber of Commerce will treat as its private slush fund.

If that doesn't sound like a good deal, get out of the house and vote against it on Feb. 7.

But there is something else the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce do not want you to know. If this thing passes they will have tied up all of the taxpayers of our city to a lead weight of unknown future expenses that will burden taxpayers for decades to come.

Their wish list of pet projects does not include operating costs or remodeling costs. They were hoping you would forget to ask. Convention centers and parking garages typically need to be remodeled every 10-15 years. Guess who gets the bill for that? Is that hidden cost reflected in their pet project shopping list? Call them up and listen to them lie to you.

They will sit back and laugh all the way to the bank as you, the taxpayer, bleed money for their list of black hole, pig in a poke, boondoggle projects. It is the chamber members who will make money from the sale of construction materials and other services for these projects. Not you. And when they are complete, the chamber will control them, not the city.

The transformation tax is a Chamber of Commerce power grab masquerading as public virtue.

Fight back, Stop them by voting no on the transformation tax on Feb. 7. It's that easy.