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Your Opinion: City's action 'transforms' property rights

Your Opinion: City's action 'transforms' property rights

February 1st, 2012 by Linda Patton, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I have to tell Jefferson City residents to wake up! I am seeing how city officials are "transforming" Jefferson City. I don't think it is a pretty picture. Perhaps you are familiar with the controversy in the 1600 block of Hayselton Drive. Since we are limited in space here I will focus on only a few of the many reasons why the access point for this development is wrong.

Planning and Zoning met and approved adding a subdivision that will open onto the point where Hayselton Drive makes a hairpin turn. As it is the street is lined with cars on both sides effectively making it one lane, but Planning and Zoning feels adding 143.5 more vehicle trips through that already congested neighborhood is reasonable and safe for the residents.

Perhaps the most reprehensible decision from the meeting is that the home owners at 1602 and 1608 Hayselton will have their property rights ignored. The set back laws will be waived so that a driveway between these two properties will be turned into a two way street to accommodate 143.5 new vehicular trips per day from this development.

From the drawings the property owners were informed that they would lose a significant portion of their property to provide this "transformation." At 1608 Hayselton traffic will now be 22 feet from their out building. At 1602 Hayselton the 143.5 cars will be 15 feet from their home! This decision makes the rights of these home owners irrelevant and supports accessing a development at a crowded and dangerous location. It supports owners of the development over the rights of the current home owners. To add insult the home owners now have to abide by set back laws that are in place for the new property lines.

Wow! If it is a good law it should apply to developers as well as home owners. It is not the job of city government to pick winners and losers in property rights.

Wake up Jefferson City! Your neighbor's driveway could become the next "transformation."

Tell the City Council to vote no on Feb. 20 concerning accessing this development from Hayselton Drive. Now is the time to tell your elected officials to protect your property rights!