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Your Opinion: Response to Winter on Christian God

Your Opinion: Response to Winter on Christian God

December 28th, 2012 by Roger Fischer, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I wish to comment on Cal Winter's letter to the editor Dec 22., "God hates people."

God created man with a free will and in no sense is God the cause of sin. He did not create man to sin (Gen. 1:31; neither did He decree that man should become a sinner, nor did He approve of sin when it was introduced into the world; nor does He in any way incite man to sin.

It is a presumptuous question to ask "Why did and does God permit sin if he hates it? We are not to sit in judgment and criticize the ways of God. God is not the author or cause of sin but by the instigation of the devil sin has entered into the world.

The devil is the external cause of sin. Created good and holy, the first of sin and rebellion against God originated with him. How it was possible for a perfectly good and holy angel to conceive the thought of sin, we do not know and it is futile to try to trace the origin and cause of sin beyond the devil. And even today the devil is the driving force of sin and unbelief in this world.

Mr. Winter, what is hateful in Christ's teaching concerning death and the promise of a glorious resurrection, a life beyond the grave, a radiant existence with fullest compensation for earth's tears, sweat, blood, sorrows, pain and toil and where all the wrongs of earth will be righted?

How can anyone except those with a diseased mind kick this crutch of hope from beneath staggering men and women with the claim that God hates us or we die like a dog and his personality, thoughts, his being are destroyed forever with his last breath? God wants all men to be saved but those who do not accept the Christ of the cross will not inherit the crown of glory.

Every Christian should proclaim Christ's name courageously and confidently challenge those who attack Christianity and we pray that even those attackers will someday also find strength and comfort in God's sustaining love.