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Your Opinion: "God' hates people

Your Opinion: "God' hates people

December 22nd, 2012 by Cal Winter, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Every Sunday morning a familiar scene unfolds as parents take their little ones to church where young hearts are turned toward the lessons of Christianity. These children will be told a thousand times that, "God loves you," but the deepest revelation of Christianity is that "god" hates people. Please consider the following observations.

Despite centuries of theological rationalizing, the fact remains that the Christian version of god is said to have created a reality in which nearly every person born on earth will spend eternity suffering unimaginable torture in hell.

Christians worship a god who created every element of the human condition and who holds humanity to be guilty of imperfection and to, therefore, deserve infinite pain.

The Christian god casts blame in every direction but his own while suckling upon endless glorification. He is pleased when his helpless subjects proclaim their lord's infinite love while clinging to the hope of escape from eternal agony. He does not love people.

I think that these simple observations should take us beyond objecting to individual instances of Christianity's encroachment on secular life such as Christmas caroling in our state capital building.

We should be able to see the obvious fundamental problem with the whole idea that Christian doctrine and practice flow from the source of all love and wisdom. I have tried to state the obvious well enough to cause a few Christians to doubt the propriety of using tax money or any government entity to promote their religion.

I hope that those of us who wish to live our life unfettered by the religion of others will feel validated and encouraged by these comments.