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Your Opinion: Must caroling go Gangnam Style?

Your Opinion: Must caroling go Gangnam Style?

December 16th, 2012 by M. F. Crocker, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

Was this the Last Capitol Caroling?

One would think that after 74 years of the Capitol Caroling concerts at the State Capitol and for the most of those concerts Christian-focused music has been performed, that one would not be "shocked or slightly disturbed" that on the 75th year, Christian-focused music was performed again.

I can only assume that Ms. Lako has been around for several of these years while these concerts have been going on. Only now, has she realized that 75 years of Capitol Caroling (which is always scheduled around the Christmas season) has involved Christian-focused music?

Well so much for trying to get this by her. Now that it has been exposed, do those who produce or put on this concert have to forgo next year's concert or have the concert with non-Christian-focused music?

Maybe Ms. Lako would be less surprised and disturbed, if the carolers performed a Christmas version of PSY's Gangnam. Was Ms. Lako at the concert? If she was, upon her initial shock, did she get up and leave? I am sure that there were some Christian-loving music patrons that would have used her seat once she departed.

I would also assume that if a student in high school whom was involved in one of the music programs and if they were an atheist or was involved in another religion, that they would excuse their selves from the program if they were offended by the programs music.

Christmas and the associated Christian-focused music have been around for several centuries and it is people like Ms. Lako and those of the left faith that will ultimately get their way. It is coming, in that God and all of the meanings of and for God will be totally gone from our lives.

It is widely known now that Christianity is under attack and this is just another small microcosm example of those who want to jump on the anti-Christian band wagon. For now though, in our city, we Christians hold the majority and we want Christian-focused music played at our Christmas programs. Maybe, one sad day, the left will have it their way, but not this day. The best thing about the Christmas Season; God gives us faith, love and the spirit to forgive everyone, even those of the Left Faith. Merry Christmas to all!