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Your Opinion: Capitol Caroling reflects reason for the season

Your Opinion: Capitol Caroling reflects reason for the season

December 16th, 2012 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

My wife and I moved to Jefferson City in 1980 and were impressed that the Jays football games began with an invocation, by one of our local ministers.

In addition, when the high school choirs presented Capitol Caroling, in the Capitol Rotunda, they sang about the reason for the season. This event is so popular that in order to obtain a good seat, one must get to the Capitol early, like 2 p.m. in order to be in the Rotunda.

I have done this for years even though my youngest child graduated in 1995. We have always thought of this as one of the events that reminds us of what celebrating Christmas is all about.

When President Ulysses S. Grant declared Christmas day a legal national holiday, by signing a bill in 1870, why did he do such? Did he declare it just a "holiday" or was it Christmas day? Was it "Santa Claus" day or Christmas day?

I wonder if he also thought that the tree so many people were decorating should be called a "holiday" tree. Those that celebrate a holiday tree or some other dough-headed idea on the 25th of December should also treat that day as no other.

Since the official name of that day, according to the bill signed by President Grant, is Christmas day, I'm sure that they would agree they should remove all trappings of this day from their personal lives.

After all it is spelled, "CHRISTmas", isn't it?

One of the many differences between conservatives and Marxist, Leninists, progressive, liberals, read as Democrats, is that when conservatives have an issue with an activity, they avoid doing that activity.

When the other side has an issue with an activity, they want it banned so no one can do the activity. I guess it has something to do with personal freedom, which the other side doesn't seem to think is that important.

Those that have a problem with the high school choir singing Christmas carols, because of the "so called separation of church and state", should read the inscriptions chiseled in the granite walls in the Rotunda! They should also STOP using all that filthy money, as it has inscribed on it our national motto of, "In God We Trust".

I want to wish all the Christ deniers, a very Merry Christmas!