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Your Opinion: Referendum on America

Your Opinion: Referendum on America

August 24th, 2012 by Stan Ochsner, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

The 2012 presidential election is only incidentally a race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Much more importantly, it is a referendum on America.

Never before have the parties been so diametrically opposed in ideology; so much so that this election is truly a vote on whether the ideas on which America was founded are alive. Do Americans in 2012 understand and believe in the principles and ethics upon which the earth's greatest nation was formed?

Our founders envisioned and bravely created a nation in which people are free. It was a novel and revolutionary concept, a land of liberty, individual responsibility, morality, and values in which people could live their lives as they wish without interference from government and limited only by their personal aspirations, ambition, and willingness to work.

In the upcoming election the Democratic candidate espouses a massive federal government exerting heretofore unseen control over the citizens and the economy. A government in which those who have worked hard to attain success, always the American dream, see their earnings confiscated for redistribution to those who have failed to take advantage of the opportunities that liberty bestows. A country in which religious freedom is under attack, taxes are exorbitant, the right to bear arms is threatened, the lives of the unborn are worthless, businesses are hamstrung by regulation, vast energy reserves are untapped while we become increasingly dependent on other nations, capitalism is scorned, health care decisions are made by government bureaucrats, and insurmountable debt threatens not only the future of our children but the existence of our country.

The party of JFK ("Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country") is now promoting a clearly socialist agenda and using the playbook of numerous tyrants who have gained power by promoting discord and class warfare while promising those who see themselves as underprivileged that they will have their every desire provided by the government in exchange for their votes.

Too many Americans are apathetic, uneducated, misinformed by biased media, and gullible enough to believe anything a smooth talking salesman tells them.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Look at what has happened to our country since Obama became president and study his past actions to ascertain what he really plans for your future.

Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto, said, "Democracy is the road to socialism." I pray that Americans are unwilling to take that disastrous course.