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Your Opinion: Response to Sampson on suppressing vote

Your Opinion: Response to Sampson on suppressing vote

August 16th, 2012 by Linda Wenzlick, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

This letter is a response to Mr. Sampson. With all due respect, the Romney campaign saw you coming.

They told you a big fat one and because they are your guys, you accepted it hook, line and sinker.

President Obama's campaign did not try to keep veterans from voting in Ohio. They wanted early voting restored for all voters in Ohio. The GOP is the one trying to suppress the vote there by only allowing early voting for veterans when early voting in that state used to be available to all voters in Ohio. The powers that be have decided that that let too many voters to vote in 2008 and in their continued efforts to suppress the vote, the election board decided to cut off early voting except to those in the military. They are running scared because in 2008 this early voting was taken advantage of by many and that was just too many Democrats voting for the GOP's liking so they decided to put a stop to it.

Also in Ohio right now the election committee has decided that there can be extended voting times for those counties that tend to vote Republican but those hours are not extended to counties that vote Democrat. This was decided by the head of the election board there. Let me say that again, the Republican counties get longer voting hours and the Democratic counties do not. So who's now really trying to suppress the vote? It's not President Obama.

Ohio is a battleground state with several electoral votes. Both sides are skilled at propaganda. What the GOP is doing with voter suppression is obscene and anti-American. If voter suppression is so rampant why haven't there been more people brought to justice that, supposedly have been doing it? What is happening here is that today's GOP is trying to prevent folks that primarily vote Democrat from voting. Folks like students, African-Americans and Latino Americans generally vote Democratic and may be the biggest group to not have such things as an available birth certificate of driver's license. Some seniors may not even have a birth certificate so this is a big "gotcha" on the part of today's GOP.

I guess Republicans are afraid that they have a weak hand and do they figure they better resort to trickery to try to get the job done. Shameful.