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Your Opinion: Obama's failures on jobs, taxes

Your Opinion: Obama's failures on jobs, taxes

August 3rd, 2012 by Sylvester Kesel, St. Elizabeth in News

Dear Editor:

President Obama criticizes Mitt Romney as an outsourcer of jobs. He also appointed the head of GE his goto guy for job creation. He points to GE as a company to emulate.

Let's look at some facts.

• GE has some 300,000 workers. Of this number only 131,000 are in the United States of America.

• The Obama campaign wants Romney's tax returns. They have GE's tax return for 2010. GE paid no federal income tax in 2010.

• GE keeps all of the profit that they make outside the USA on the foreign soil on which they made it.

Obama would have us believe that he is the great job creator when in fact he has sent billions of our tax dollars to companies in foreign countries that make products that no one wants or they have gone bankrupt trying to produce some product that they cannot get to work.

Obama has told small businesses that they would not have made their business a success without the government. I can guarantee you that the businesses had to have income before the government could take taxes from them. Only then does the government have money to spend on infrastructure, welfare and other wealth distribution schemes.

At present, approximately 50 percent of Americans pay no income tax. Every time we raise taxes on the other 50 percent, a few more people fall into the category that pay no taxes because they can't live on what the government has let them keep. Then there are even fewer people paying taxes. So the government raises taxes once more, the cycle repeats itself and even fewer people are supporting the people on welfare. These cycles can only go on for so long before the government cannot sustain its' spending on welfare. At that point, the government will take over all businesses as they did with GM and Chrysler, and we will be enslaved.

If you actually value freedom and liberty, please think about who you are voting for in these next elections.

The Democrats are not the people who are supporting freedom and liberty.