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Your Opinion: What has happened to human decency?

Your Opinion: What has happened to human decency?

April 4th, 2012 by Beverly Shelton, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

All of the hullabaloo with regards to Rush Limbaugh's remarks escapes me. I admit I have never cared or been impressed by this individual, but he certainly had the right to say what he did. Is it not true that the female gender has stepped over the line of decency?

Morals don't seem to mean anything to a large number of females in our present day. Obscenity and vulgarity have now replaced the lives of the supposedly gentler sex. I even hear female legislators use dirty language not only on television shows but in our daily newspapers. This is not glamorous talk but what would be referred to at one time as "gutter talk" or alley language.

On a TV talk show, the female who ran for president used a word that I couldn't believe; I always though she appeared as a lady. My mistake I soon realized. It was a four-letter word beginning with "S," but the girl who does my hair says she herself uses it quite frequently and she sees nothing wrong with it. Girls or ladies of quality never employ this word in their everyday language or at any other time.

And what about the Republican caucus held just recently where the meeting was interrupted with unruly behavior from a number of those attending. It was unbelievable what transpired. Was one of those present throwing a temper tantrum? This writer has conducted many meetings in organizations and has never had anything like this happen in any of these civic gatherings. The presiding officer should have had the foresight to evict those behaving in this fashion from a group meeting.

Then we have the case of the female legislator who used the "p" word and our local paper published the article on the front page. This was with regard to Limbaugh's article. And what else can females be called when they sleep around with different guys, have babies out of wedlock. This is how girls get a bad reputation.

What happened to human decency? Surely it has not taken a step backward in time.

This country needs to get back on course before it's too late.