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Your Opinion: Assault on Social Security

Your Opinion: Assault on Social Security

September 23rd, 2011 by Tony Smith, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

The assault on your Social Security and Medicare benefits continues. There is a humorous but bittersweet three-minute segment on YouTube where George Carlin did a rant on this. Goggle George Carlin, "The American Dream."

A recent Tribune writer wrote that he heard Social Security is broke. That is a lie. The SSA Trustee reports are on the web as well as the CBO reports showing complete solvency through 2038. After that if nothing is done, future citizens will receive 82 percent of their benefits. Anyone who says differently is lying or completely uninformed.

Ronald Reagan and Alan Greenspan increased taxes to shore up the system against the baby boomer run on the system. There is 2.2 trillion dollars held by Social Security in U.S. bonds. Rick Perry and others say this is a Ponzi scheme. Looney Tunes.

The editor of Time Magazine appeared this past week on TV to pimp his magazines story on Perry. On Morning Joe they kept asking why he was so supportive of Perry. Well, wink, wink it sells copy. Those TV people and magazine editors make millions. They will never need SSA like many of us.

The alleged progressive news channel, MSNBC, hosted the debate where Rick Perry alleged SSA was a Ponzi scheme. For two hours afterwards they droned on about a horse race. Finally a guest came on and clearly stated Perry's allegation was a lie.

Perry was attacked in the next debate over his actions requiring HPVC vaccines for teenage girls. The New York Times and Washington Post was quick to explain this issue. But saying SSA is a Ponzi scheme did not merit a blip from our nation's leading newspapers. Only the Baltimore Sun where the SSA administration resides did a major story on this bogus issue.

Our news media is brain dead. Recent AP stories on the issue are horrid and explain nothing. They are back to touting selling SSA to Wall Street crooks.

Gutless and ineffective actions of the Liberal community are shameful. Big money has been after SSA for five decades. Our election process is so compromised by money that both parties will sell you out to be elected.

SSA is the most successful and useful program ever constructed by your government. Millions of people depend on it. Republicans did not enact it, they have tried to end it from day one, and they lie about it endlessly. Beware!