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Your Opinion: Response to Garber on taxing, spending

Your Opinion: Response to Garber on taxing, spending

September 22nd, 2011 by Harold H. Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

I'm writing to respond to Milton Garber's letter published Sept. 10 that attempts to discredit Ms. Stark who stated "no one receives a paycheck from a poor man." All I can say is Mr. Garber's response was the typical liberal socialist Democrat talking points response, "If the private sector is unable to create those jobs then government must do it."

Its difficult for me to understand how so many supposedly educated intelligent people apparently can't seem to understand where government gets it's money. How does one get through to these people? I'm going to try, as painful as I know it will be.

The government does not have any money unless it's forcibly taken from the private sector by taxation. The private sector consists of business owners (the "rich" as described by liberal socialist Democrats) and the poor (people working for the "rich" or those looking for jobs as described by liberal socialist Democrats).

Then there are the government workers and politicians that consider themselves to be the smartest people in the USA and have all the answers as to how to spend our money. Guess what, Mr. Garber, even though the government has taken our money, it's still our money and not the government's regardless of what the elite socialist politicians think. Their job is to honestly administer our money for expenditures that are only allowed by the Constitution, not to buy votes and contributions from unions and other special interests.

I'm sure Mr. Garber has heartburn whenever he hears about the "rich" hoarding their money and not hiring. Guess what Mr. Garber, those "rich" people are one heck of a lot smarter than the politicians attempting to get all their money and spend it like they want on special interest projects. They are hanging onto their money or moving it and/or their business' out of the USA to protect it from the socialistic policies and suppressive regulations of this administration.

Until the elite socialistic Ivy Leagers are kicked out of office and some honest Constitution-revering politicians are elected that understand this simple concept, no amount of stimulus money taken from the "rich" is going to be enough to solve our problems.

For anyone to think that any solution to our unemployment is for the government to create jobs is absolutely absurd. The government is the most inefficient and ineffectual approach to job creation there is!