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Your Opinion: How Obama could increase jobs

Your Opinion: How Obama could increase jobs

September 21st, 2011 by Robert C. Beatty, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Mary A. O'Grady wrote in the Wall Street Journal, Sept. 12, 2011, "It is merely trademark Obamanomics: using government dictate to move money that's over here over there." She goes on to make her point by saying he could get 400,000 jobs by letting TransCanada build the pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast.

In my opinion there are even better reasons to build the pipeline. Canada is so far not an American hating-Muslim country. The oil sands of Alberta are on track to be the world's largest oil producer.

President Obama could by presidential decree allow the pipeline to be built. It could be entirely privately built at no cost to the government. Is he fighting for big oil using the EPA as a foil?

He has ignored my urging to return the Social Security retirement ages to 62 and 65, instead accepting the Republican chipping away at it's funding. This would open up 2,000,000 jobs.

The retirees who make it to 62 or 65 will live only a few more years while those who fill their vacated jobs will live a lifetime. If there would be any additional Social Security outlay it would easily be met by selling some of the two and one-half trillion certificates the system has. Using newly printed money to pay secured debt is a zero sum game.

Other things that would make jobs are tougher immigration laws, lower sales taxes and selective tariff increases.

While the president is not the leader F.D.R. was I will still vote for him in preference to our homegrown oligarchs who want economic collapse so they can get emergency powers to craft a fascist government.