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Your Opinion: Response to Smith on 'culture wars'

Your Opinion: Response to Smith on 'culture wars'

September 10th, 2011 by Harold H. Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

I feel I must respond to Tony Smith's rambling and disconnected letter published Sept. 2 as difficult and probably impossible as it will be.

"The culture wars make us stupid." Wrong! The culture wars are because many in this country are waking up to the liberal socialist Democrat scam. The tolerant liberal socialist Democrats will support any group (except Christians) regardless of their purpose, support of the Constitution or morality in general to obtain and keep them voting Democrat (i.e. Acorn, Planned Parenthood, etc.).

Of course there are some legitimate and worthy groups they support, but in most cases only in a way to assure a Democrat vote usually by promises of government aid and demonization of the Republicans.

Regarding name calling, tell me Mr. Smith, I'm sure you recall President Bush and are aware of Sarah Palin? Do you ever remember any hate speech against those folks personally? I do, and I would bet there was not one letter from you defending either of them. Do you remember President Reagan? I feel he was one of the greatest presidents of the 20th century? If so, do you remember any hate speech against him personally? I do very well. I hope these little reminders will help keep your extreme (a favorite liberal slam) hypocrisy regarding name calling in check.

Regarding an apparent distorted view of Christianity Mr. Smith seems to have, what can one say to a person that I feel sees government as their God and has no concept of the first commandment. On that basis, I wonder what his opinion is of the other nine.

What's frightening to me is the percent of the population that the liberal socialists Democrats have lured into the trap of dependency on government rather than dependency on God and freedom which is what has made America great.

I just hope the 2012 election will result in a drastic change in the direction of this great country to one of putting God first instead of government.