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Your Opinion: Tortured logic and taxing questions

Your Opinion: Tortured logic and taxing questions

September 2nd, 2011 by Tony Smith, Jeffferson City in News

Dear Editor:

The culture wars make us stupid. Recent letter writers have labeled their "opponents" liars, Obamabots and "the vice perpetrator." These derisive and mean-spirited comments originate from "hate radio" or creative authors who write such riveting books as "Slander," "Traitor," "Guilty," "Godless," and so forth. This is not a discussion but a Jihad against fellow Americans.

What are we to ultimately expect from this type of extreme rhetoric? Hard to say but nothing good I am sure.

What are we to make of the undocumented discussion on tithing and taxing? I presume we were not alluding to Dick Cheney, but no matter. What are the sources of information about income and tithing? In modern Christianity tithing is mostly "free will" tithing. In the radical right Christian sphere, tithing is a mandatory 10 percent of income. But for this you are promised the bounty of God's riches. Some call it the "prosperity Gospel." Give money and you will prosper. It's the modern version of selling indulgences as "fire insurance" from hell. These practices led Martin Luther to a Reformation.

A recent writer plainly stated that not tithing to the level he demanded (or his God), was a clear sign of a "godless" person. By inductive reasoning (using one example and broadening it to include an entire class) the writer condemns to Hades millions of citizens. Whatever.

With tortured logic the obligatory slamming of government then ensued. God asks only for 10 percent but our government asks more. This analogy is pretty weak. Remember we have the hated Marxist progressive tax code. There are many deductions and our power elite have enacted plenty of good ones for themselves. The capital gains tax being one. Then there are various classifications such as married filing jointly, widow and single. Only a cloudy mind can see the parallel between tithing and taxes.

I would ask the writer of this letter of Aug. 25, what do you want? Are you a Christian Reconstructionist who wants to repeal our constitution and institute a Christian version of Sharia law? Or do you favor the Club for Growth and Grover Norquist dream of a government removed and "free market" capitalism rules. This would be the world of Ayn Rand who told us "altruism" is a disease and greed is good.

Most citizens are not for any of those things. Myself, I would be satisfied with responsible leadership and government.