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Your Opinion: Thoughts on debate among letter writers

Your Opinion: Thoughts on debate among letter writers

October 10th, 2011 by Jenny Smith, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I have been reading with interest the back and forth between the conservatives and liberals in the News Tribune letters. A recent letter Sept.29 from "a self-professed honky for Herman Cain" gave me much food for thought.

He explained how the liberals whose letters shows up in the paper are shameless liars and Godless know-it-alls. To add insult to injury, these American-hating liberals advise us to "read books" to become enlightened. Sometimes they have the nerve "to quote pontiffs." How arrogant! Who do they think they are?

One scholarly conservative Aug. 2 gave us some wonderful information on the climate on Venus and how the misguided "planet-worshipping" liberals wrongly believe it is like the Earth's climate.

He nicely tied this all together with information about the profit motive of the greedy, fascist, socialist, communist, Marxist progressives and the folly of their climate control pursuits and persecution of Judeo/Christian beliefs. Golly! I am really glad this has been cleared up! How can one even argue with such common sense? I am beginning to feel sorry for the poor, misunderstood oil companies who have been trying to tell us this for several years now.

We have also been enlightened by several letters on the economy that painstakingly try to explain to the simple, liberal-fogged minds that rich people should not pay taxes like the rest of us, because some of them are job-creators.

And even though only a small percentage of those with incomes over $1 million actually do create jobs, they are hard-workers, non-the-less and should be rewarded. I was a little worried how the rich have done so well in this bad economy while most of us are worst off. But one letter explained that the rich are "plagued by uncertainty." This all makes so much sense.

Unlike these conservative writers I do pity these Marxist, fascist, communist, socialist, Godless, America-hating, Obamacan, evolutionist, gay-loving, gun-hating, peace-loving, tree-hugging, immigrant-loving, lying, Muslim-loving, hapless liberals.

What a miserable lot they must be. They don't understand how much time they waste reading books, government studies, and research and trying to be logical. They should just give up and let ignorance, intolerance and ideology be their guide.

It is so much easier to just demonize those idiots that disagree with you rather than try to understand them.