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Your Opinion: Accuracy and the agenda of liberalism

Your Opinion: Accuracy and the agenda of liberalism

October 7th, 2011 by Harold H. Horstmann, Lohman in News

Dear Editor:

I'm writing to respond to Milton Garber's letter printed Sept. 28 in the News Tribune.

Apparently Mr. Garber thinks my reference to "liberal socialist Democrats" is name-calling. Actually I thought I was being relatively accurate. I know I don't use their favorite PC disguise of their ideology by calling them "progressives." Of course one must remember that the only way they can win votes is by disguising or by deception of their true beliefs and when one calls them out with the truth, then it's name calling.

I know Garber wouldn't understand, but Tea Party Conservatives, of which I'm proud to support, have nothing to hide and don't need to change their stripes to hide their pro-capitalist positions and complete support of the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a guarantee of our freedom and liberty.

With regards to Garber's belief that the government is the solution to our unemployment problem, can you say Solyndra or Abound Solar or Solopower or 1366 Technologies? They have received a total of $806 million in loan guarantees and are broke! I wonder how many real permanent jobs would have been created if that money was allowed to be kept by the "rich" on the condition it would be invested in U.S. companies? Of course that wouldn't pay off the Obama bundlers and contributors for the 2012 elections. Only bureaucrats and politicians with the sole purpose of spreading the wealth (i.e. socialism) and pay-offs would do that.

With regards to the CCC and WPA during the depression, my father-in-law worked in those camps and that's what they were; camps, miles away from home. Yes, they did build beautiful bridges and buildings. Guess what, that was before the unions took control of the craftsmen and destroyed much of their personal pride in accomplishment and before government handouts removed most of the initiative to take personal responsibility for support of their families.

I can just hear the bleeding heart liberals (and the unions) now claiming cruelty by expecting the poor to have to leave home and live in a camp and actually work for their family's welfare!

I just cannot believe the number of people who don't have a clue as to the reality of history and how it really was before 1960.

Of course, the teachers union and their agenda of liberalism just can't allow true historical accuracy to be taught.