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Your Opinion: Arrogance apparent

Your Opinion: Arrogance apparent

October 6th, 2011 by Robert Haslag, Centertown in News

Dear Editor:

If the reader of this letter did not read the Steven Brown submission of Sept. 29 in this paper, please make every effort to do so.

Brown's presentation and my response can be reduced to defining "arrogance."

It is arrogance to ridicule the reading of books which stimulate the mind and our understanding of the issues of the day while relying upon political spin, hate speech, marginal to non-existent factual proclamations and the latest doggerel spewing from Limbaugh and company. Serious thought is productive.

It is arrogance to present a policy view in a serious discussion without some semblance of verifiable and quantitatively accurate data, some statement of demonstrable fact or logical progression. A stew of half-truths, personal innuendo and threats of doom don't meet the first step in a serious discussion.

It is arrogance to pretend invective and misinformation add in any attempt to reach a rational conclusion on the serious issues we face. It is arrogance to allow our passions to overrule the powers of the mind that God gave us. It is arrogance to assume patriotism and love for America is the sole property of a particular position thus automatically making all that disagree enemies of the state. Though this defamatory slander is a favorite, you have no discernible concept as to the depth of my love for this nation and its ideals.

It is arrogance to respond with unctuous wrath at the intimation that race and the color of this president's skin are factors in some of the depth of opposition that confronts him. To begin a piece with the word "honky" belies any attempt to hide behind that veil. The Secret Service has had to deal with a geometric increase in death threats against this president. This president had to produce an original birth certificate to quell a blatantly false accusation that this "black man" could not be authentic. This president has been slurred in ways at which we would have cringed not so long ago.

It is arrogance to trumpet Christian values and commitment to them while failing to understand that the message of the Christ is to love the Lord thy God above all else and to love thy neighbor as thyself, including the liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, Christian, Muslim, sinners and saints among us.

You do have your First Amendment Rights. A rational presentation, however, might benefit your thesis.