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Your Opinion: Creation/evolution flip flop questioned

Your Opinion: Creation/evolution flip flop questioned

October 5th, 2011 by Edward Meyers, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

At the risk of being labeled a Democratic, free spending socialist, which I am not, I still must take Sampson to task for his creation/evolution flip flop as expressed in his letter to the editor published on Sept. 30. For the record, I was a fiscal conservative 30 years before the Tea Party and I did not vote for President Obama.

Are you not sir, the same writer that used the theory of evolution to explain why man is not responsible for global warming (in which your analysis was flawed as it ignored the last glacial age which occurred only 110,000 years ago, but I digress?)

That is what is wrong with those of you on the ultra right wing fringe. You believe that you can say and use anything to forward your beliefs without consequence. Throw it against the wall and if it sticks use it, even if it contradicts anything you might have said or done before. There is a word for that kind of behavior - hypocrisy.

So please Mr. Physics degree, disgrace this space yet again by answering two questions. Is what happens to children in Proverbs 30:17 ( true? And please don't use Luke 22:20 as those of your ilk totally ignore Matthew 7 (oops there is that hypocrisy thing again).

Where did the dinosaurs come from?