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Your Opinion: Tea Party offers better solutions

Your Opinion: Tea Party offers better solutions

October 2nd, 2011 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I am encouraging the News Tribune to start putting Mr. Smith's letters on the funny pages, rather than on the somewhat serious, Opinion Page.

The debt under President Reagan increased from $1.137 trillion to $2.867 trillion which is an increase of $1.73 trillion. The increase under President Obama is from $11.875 trillion to an estimated $20.824 trillion in 2016. The estimates are from the CBO and the Whitehouse FY 2012 budget proposal. This is an increase of $8.949 trillion.

The debt, as a ratio to the gross domestic product, under Reagan it went from 32.5 percent to 53.1 percent, in 8 years, while under Obama it has gone from 84.2 percent to 93.2 percent, in one year and if you include the estimates from the CBO, the debt to GDP ratio goes up to 105.2 percent in 2016. The additional seven years are but a guess. Even though, Reagan's increase is 20.6 percent, and Obama's will be 21 percent, if we are so ignorant as to elect him for an additional four years, Reagan's increase of $1.73 trillion is chicken feed, when compared with Obama's $8.949 trillion.

Maybe Obama tried Republican solutions, but he did not try conservative solutions and there is a big difference. Just like George Wallace once said, "There's not a dime's worth of difference between inside the beltway Republicans and Democrats."

The Tea Party certainly has much better solutions than the Democrats and that is why there are a lot of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents associated with the Tea Party.

I know that everything that happens was George Bush's fault, the tornado in Joplin, BP oil spill, hurricane on the East coast. This Bush guy must be much smarter than people think, as he was able to get even Mother Nature to ruin our president's first four years in office.

When I worked, I never liked it when people would not take responsibility for their own actions. Rather, they would always find a way to blame others for everything that went wrong. It shows a lack of Godly character.

Just like saying the upper 1 percent of income people need to pay their fair share and then say nothing about the bottom 47 percent, who pay nothing in federal income taxes.

It is always someone else's fault or they were lucky. It is not that people with substance made better choices while growing up, or worked harder and longer than their peers.