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Your Opinion: Book answers Fair Tax questions

Your Opinion: Book answers Fair Tax questions

November 14th, 2011 by Steve Sampson, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Ms. Macmillin asked some questions in her letter of Nov. 8, which could easily be answered if she would read the book, "The Fair Tax Book," written by former US Congressman John Linder and radio talk show host Neal Boortz. There is a sequel that could also be read to further answer some of her questions.

Having read the book, I have come to believe that the main reason that our politicians, both Republican and Democrat, do not support the fair tax is because they lose power. Now, they have the power to modify the tax code to reward those whom they like and to punish those whom they do not like. With the fair tax everyone is on the same playing field in tax code.

Most people that raise such questions do not really want to hear your answers as they already have their minds made up. After several letters that she has written, wanting people to be nice and have facts, you would think that instead of asking these questions in a public forum she would do the research to find out what the fair tax is all about.

It is similar to a person with a law degree trying to explain what the Constitution says without reading what is says, but rather telling us what the nine old dudes in Washington say it says. I can read higher than the eighth grade, I understand what words mean, I don't need someone telling me what documents say when I can read and understand what these documents say.

Lawyers tend to use language that confuse rather than simple words that most people understand. If everyone understood their language then why would we need them?

Similarly Mr. Garber did not read "Reckless Endangerment," rather he read what someone said about the book. If you are not going to accept what an individual says about a certain subject, you should at least have the decency to read what that person has written!

Most progressives attack the individual rather than the ideas they espouse, as they usually have no retort for those ideas.