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Your Opinion: Some policies don't always work

Your Opinion: Some policies don't always work

May 7th, 2011 by Don Fleener, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

I have been trying to understand President Obama and the Democratic politicians. I don't understand their energy policies and monetary policies. With their energy policies Obama wants the country to have 25 percent of the cars using electric energy.

He wants to take money from the rich in this country so that they can take care of the poor. I have come to the conclusion they view the country through the lenses of a person that has grown up in the cities and do not understand the rural areas.

I was in a discussion about high speed rail, electric cars and rich paying their fair share. I was reminded of a person that I met from New York who said he would not date a woman that lived more than eight blocks radius from his apartment. He said that there were about two million people living in that space. He said all he had to do was get on a train and be at that distance in about five minutes.

I replied while living on the farm I could have waited for a train until I died and if one had come I still would have to go at least five miles for a date. High speed rail doesn't work for me.

Second discussion: how far do you think that I would get with an electric car if I have to drive 15 miles into town and 15 miles back and could I do that with a stock trailer on the back of my vehicle? Where will all of the electricity come from when the wind isn't blowing? Should we have people pedaling on bicycle generators to create dependable energy? What about the road tax that is collected at the gas pump? Is it fair that electric cars don't pay it? Electric cars don't work for me.

The last discussion was about the rich helping the poor. How money could be more evenly distributed to the needy. A man ran out of gas in the country and needed help. In the country we would walk in the shed and give the man what he needed, a full gallon of gas. Is it better for me to give the gallon of gas to the stranger or should I have given it to the government? Was it better to give it to him in a timely manner instead of having to go through some government hands where they took part of it instead of giving full measure to the person in need?

The United State government spent $3.46 trillion last year and what did we get? More government hands taking out don't work for me.