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Your Opinion: Views on Proposition A Letter 3

Your Opinion: Views on Proposition A Letter 3

March 30th, 2011 by Robyn Burnett, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

It should be stating the obvious that all cities - even a small one like ours - need trash removal service. No one could argue that allowing heaps of garbage teeming with disease-carrying vermin to pile up would be good for a community.

It's not that different than a citywide sewer collection system. Having garbage hauled away protects the health and well-being of the entire community, and because it protects everyone (even a person with a private landfill outside the city benefits when his neighbors' trash is disposed of safely), it seems reasonable to me to require everyone to participate.

I've heard that some of the most vocal opponents of the current city trash contract feel entitled to dump their garbage "for free" in city park bins or trash cans outside stores.

But, guess what? Trash service is never free. Someone has to buy the truck that hauls the trash away, pay for gas, a driver, landfill fees and a host of related costs. People who want their trash taken away without paying for it just want to shift the cost to the rest of us.

The city has done an exemplary job of providing efficient trash service at a reasonable price. Single-stream recycling saves me time and gas money. Voting to repeal the city trash contract will almost certainly result in a cost increase for those of us who expect to pay for regular trash service and puts the curbside recycling program at risk.

I agree with recent letter writer Matt Krause: Vote no way on Prop. A.