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Your Opinion: Reduce number of representatives

Your Opinion: Reduce number of representatives

March 24th, 2011 by Beverly Shelton, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

A very interesting article titled "Local Perspective" appeared in the March 20 issue that really piqued my interest.

There appears an old adage that goes "Too many cooks spoil the soup." This could certainly apply to legislative bodies and I certainly believe most taxpayers whether they go to the polls to vote or not would certainly agree with me with what I am about to say.

Citizens are having to operate their lives with less money at their disposal. Every time we turn around our taxes are being increased, utility costs go up, grocery stores raise their prices on food supplies, insurance rates appear to be going out of the roof, and hospitalization stays hit many citizens. You get the picture. When will it all cease?

So why not reduce the number of legislators serving in the House? And from my observation I have noticed when they're all congregating in the chamber, they seem to be falling all over each other.

Certainly this would reduce the expenses going to each of them, and they would not be wasting taxpayers' money to run around in their respective districts using our money to travel everywhere, eating free meals at our expense, and enjoying other such luxury items.

And what about all of these freebies they distribute to those who visit their respective offices, such as pens, pencils, notebooks and other more expensive items, some of which have 150 percent markup or higher then this. Most taxpayers do not enjoy such "I don't have to pay for this" item.

And this is the best idea coming from the legislative body yet.

But will they do it? Don't count on it and don't hold your breath.

And on the House floor they act at times like little kids playing at acting out a scene. They call each other names, indulge in fist fights and engage in rowdy behavior.

I sometimes wonder how they behave when they're partaking of spirits when eating in a restaurant. We know of some who have met the long arms of the law when arrested for driving while intoxicated. Other instances can be recalled as well.

These members of the Legislature appear to be living in a dream world if they believe this will last forever.

For many years along life's highway it has been repeated time and time again that politics will ruin this country. And can't you just see it happening now?