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Your Opinion: Be responsible for own actions

Your Opinion: Be responsible for own actions

March 7th, 2011 by Beverly A. Shelton, Jefferson City in News

Dear Editor:

Like other newspapers, our editions let its readers vent their thoughts and frustrations on problems confronting our town as well as the nation. To me, letters to the editor provide a great service and I certainly applaud them for their foresight.

If only the politicians and other names in the news on an almost daily basis would heed the comments of the readers, and certainly the articles written by those under the "Our Opinion" column. They might learn something.

Two quite interesting topics appeared not too long ago in the news that captured not only the attention of our own paper but mine as well.

One centered on taxpayers supporting parents and their dropped out of school kids by providing $300 for each child so she (he) could return to the classroom. There are many greedy parents out there who would prefer for others to pay for their children's education, but I find this is a distrubing practice on the part of schools to follow. And as the newspaper article stated, I too believe this is bribery in its worst form.

All of my schooling, kindergarten through college, was received at the expense of my parents who at that time were far from being a wealthy family. It became necessary for my mother to hold down three jobs to put nutritious food on the table and pay medical bills. But by working hard they established a successful business here and I was proud of their accomplishment. They never cheated anyone out of anything like some business owners of today do. And today's individuals gripe if they have to work one job.

It is shameful there are some who expect others to support them when their homes burn down through their own carelessness and they cannot afford to pay for rebuilding or the necessary furnishings. And we have become a society full of hand-me-outs in which people will never save money if they know various organizations and groups will support them through taxpayer contributions.

The second topic concerned the spending of tax money to locate the whereabouts of an individual, a girl student in this case, who pulled a hoax about being kidnapped. A hoax is a lie. It seems that our society has become more mired in lying, cheating and stealing, with many more individuals escaping the law. Irresponsible parents should be held accountable for the actions of their offspring, just as much as the young people in situations such as this.